Sun on the Death Card


I have heard a few different opinions on this but does anyone know 100% if the Sun is rising or setting on this card?


I suppose its a matter of how you look at it. If, for you, the Death card is one of endings, of finality, then it may be setting. If it is one of new beginnings, a new age, a new dawn, then it may be rising.

If however, it is a card of transitions, of change, of progress and that shows a kind of process, then you may see it as neither, only as a state of in between; neither high in the sky nor nightime. A dusk, if you will.

But as to you question, if anybody is 100% sure, I doubt there is anyone like that, and if there is, there will always be the one who will disagree. But if you are interested in the original intent, I suppose the answer could be found in the PKT, if you like being exasperated by half truths and riddles.


Coming after the Moon (night time) suggests sunrise, as do children in many decks - beginnings of new life .... but ... I guess it depends on the context in a spread.



I never thought it mattered whether it was rising or setting. To me it is more important that there is a boat, on water, travelling towards the sun. To me it shows the emotional journey to a new beginning after the ending of something old in the forground.


Thanks everyone I have always read this in context of the rest of the cards but I was curious to see if anyone had a definate idea on it. The boat for me is seperate to the sun and it had never really come across as feeling connected but I think I shall definately meditate on that one some more Calum.


Emeraldgirl said:
I have heard a few different opinions on this but does anyone know 100% if the Sun is rising or setting on this card?


I am 100% sure the Sun is either rising or setting on this card.
Perhaps the querent can shed some "light" on the issue during a reading.


If teh sun is setting, then the figure of death is moving towards the north, if the sun is rising then death is moving to the south.

I was lead to this thread via google looking for information about when teh death card crosses teh sun card. (I was using the New palladini tarot, there the death card has no sun but cosmic stars are in the maine of the horse.) Quite simpily, i interpreted that combination as the sun entering the sign of scorpio.

Anyway, change in authority, belief, and innocence are all indicated in the Rider Waite death card.


Maybe the sun's rising or setting does not really matter, since death is both a setting and a rising -- maybe it's a "sunsetrise". Most importantly, the white Flower of the Eternal Self stands above the cycling sun, an always- blooming star on the face of the deep. Changeless above change. Permanence above flux. Bloom in bone.


If the pillars on the Death card is the same as on
The Moon card, would the sun not be rising?

I'm just guessing on this because I always thought
of the sun to be rising after tourmoil.

On AT somewhere there is a thread about
the pillars on these two cards.

One time a lady told me to take the
top left corner of the Death card and
draw a line to the bottom right corner.
The left of the card is clearing and the
right side of the line is a new beginning.