Swedish Witch / Jolanda - restarting the study group 2016

Luna's Crone

I want to say that i may come off sounding like a know it all, but i have ADD, hi IQ and my brain constantly races and analyse, so if I answer a msg and say something that makes me sound like an irritating know it all. Let me know. I just run at the brain. usually makes people mad. i have no problem with correction or critique.

Oh yeah, i think faster than i type, and i can type fast, but that is why i have so many typos, in the old days, I typed better, but computers ruined my typing because it is to fix an error.

This group mission is to study these decks to see if we can get more insight on the decks.

We will start with the fool. One thing i would like to learn the phonetic swedish names too. Because i think that is important for a deck.

Luna's Crone

Right now i am trying to find the names and keywords of the cards in either swedish, english or both. my deck came without them. So far i got Fool Narren and Tio av Mint or 10oC The infamous kangaroo. lol.

eventually i would like to make a pdf with the names and phonetic pronunciations. if posible, like eye ya vet la yo kult. ;-)

but add more ideas but the main one will to be card by card. each card will have its own thread. Chat thread, Swedish thread once we get set up.

Libra 58

If you want I can help you with the Swedish words and help translating them to English.

Luna's Crone

that would be great, except right now, my deck was a gift and its trimmed down to the picture so i have no words. and i would love to have both the swedish and english. I am waiting for sulis to set up our thread.


Hi Luna's Crone, Good on you for restarting this study group.
The original index thread is here: Jolanda Tarot (Swedish Witch) Study Group index thread
and can be found in the Index of study groups at the top of the Tarot Study Groups forum.
I've added your thread to that index.

To everyone planning on studying this deck: Please let me know when a new thread is started so that I can add a link to the index thread.

And also let me know if you need help with anything :).

Sulis - Study Groups moderator


Just to add;
The original study group was started when the only version of this deck that was available was the original Swedish version.
A translation of the card titles can be found in the original study group proposal thread from 2009.. It's at the top of the index thread or here; Study Group proposal thread


Luna's Crone

thanx sulis!

Luna's Crone

I think we should start at the beginning if possible. At least those of us who really haven't used the deck much. But also join in when someone has a particular card they really want to look at.

hope that sounds good.

oh yeah, i ain't the leader of the group. we all share that responsibility. if we can't figure something out group wise. we ask sulis. OK?


I'd like to join. Not sure which thread is it (there are a few)(or is going to be a new one?). BTW, the English version has the classical RWS titles (Page of Swords, The Chariot, so on).


I'd like to join. Not sure which thread is it (there are a few)(or is going to be a new one?). BTW, the English version has the classical RWS titles (Page of Swords, The Chariot, so on).
Hi rylla,

Each card has a thread of it's own. The index thread with all the threads so far is here; Jolanda Tarot (Swedish Witch) Study Group index thread

Feel free to start a thread on any card you like if there isn't a thread for it already. Please send me a pm when you start a new thread so that I can add it to the index.

Here's a link to the Tarot Study Groups posting guidelines where everything is expained: Tarot Study Groups Posting Guidelines - PLEASE READ

Sulis - moderator