Sweet Twilight - 10 of Chalices


I got this card last night in my daily spread. I must say, to me the image does not agree at all with the general idea of the LWB.

I see these two people as being lovers who have come to an impasse; they are at cross-purposes, symbolised by their respective opposite viewpoints. They look tired, sad and emotionally drained, and there's a feeling, to me, of hopelessness.

The cups all lying around are empty and/or knocked over, suggesting that there's just nothing left in the emotional reserve tank. I think this couple are staring in the face of the end of their relationship. This ties in with my understanding of the numerological associations of the number 10 - endings, completion of a cycle, too much of something, overripeness, being over the hill.

I'll be curious to see what impressions others using this deck have, considering that the above characterises my present situation in my relationship (hence its appearance, I guess) and so might be somewhat biased.

\m/ Kat


This is not among my favourite cards in this deck. The couple looks like they are drunk or on drugs or something... They are more or less out of this world and feeling sad and empty. There´s not much hope or positive energy anywhere. Everything is heavy and moving very slowly.


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Isn't that odd? I don't see the card like that at all.

The way they are gently holding hands is IMO very tender. I think they are looking at the stars together, lying down on the ground. Or perhaps the clouds.

They are so relaxed and I think they feel safe like that.

There are two cups still upright either side of the girl.

I really like this card. I think they are just so perfect for each other there is no need for words to appreciate the experience they are sharing.


I agree with Aerin - I think they look serene. They're at that place where words aren't necessary, where the connection is so complete that they don't even need to face each other. Wherever one of them is, they both are. It's that total. And I think the mixture of upright and fallen cups is a symbol of the journey they've had to take together to get to this place. They're this comfortable because they've earned it, worked at it: they've disagreed, they've argued, they've forgiven. They trust each other completely; most importantly, they trust themselves in this relationship. No matter what, they'll sort things out. No matter what, they're going to be okay.



Oh I really like this study group because I learn so much and I get new ideas about these cards. Thank you guys:) :love:
I really did not like this card much but after reading this thread I´m beginning to see it in a new light. I´ll have to print this thread for my Tarot journal..