Sweet Twilight -- 10 of Wands


This is an interesting card. When I first looked at it I thought that those girls had dragged their fingernails through the picture in some post modernist kind of a way. On closer inspection the lines are puppet strings. The LWB states "Trying to control or manipulate everyone around you is sheer madness" -- wise words. The interesting thing here is that the subject of this card i.e. the would-be puppetteer is not in the picture. You are the one looking at it!


Most of the girls look sad/ cold except for the one 2nd from the left who just looks thoughtful.

I wonder if the pupetter comes from the castle, since it is set high above the girls. And then there's the cliff edge: perhaps the puppeteer is trying to stop them getting too close to it.


This is an absolutely brilliant deck! I'm too old to kid myself that I need backup decks, but I'd better make sure I do get one for this one. I read the LWB and still missed the point till I read this thread. Me----the micro-manager! lol Yeah, this card could have been made just for me. I've always thought I had to run the show and manage everyone. What a creep I've been. Thank goodness in sobriety I've gotten more mellow and cut the puppet strings for the most part.