Sweet Twilight - 4 of Chalices


She's sitting on the top of the house fishing for cups.

Why? one asks.

The cups seem to be connected with a thin stream of something.

Upstairs the house is lit up from within: downstairs is dark. I wonder if this person has lost touch with her unconscious so she just keeps on.... fishing.


The girl is not grounded at all. Not even through the house because the lights are off on the ground floor. She also has those faery wings so she is all Air.
She has to fish things from the earth with the help from something else (the rod) because she is not capable of coming down herself. She is very one-sided and therefore out of Harmony and Balance-unless this is a Vision Quest or a trial period or something similar?

The LWB says she keeps looking for something she already has. What does that mean? She only has her wings and the bag. What is in her bag? It looks heavy.


She does seem stuck up on that roof, but she has wings? Is the bag to heavy a burden that it inhibits her flying, or has she forgotten she has wings and could get down from there very easily? Maybe that's what she's looking for?


I see the house as her house. She sits on top of it, fishing for cups everyday even though she has a home full of them. I think it's a card that signifies searching for something that's right under your nose. Maybe it's about not appreciating what you have because you're too busy trying to find something else.

I think of this card as: "Not seeing the forest for the trees."


I like that.

Thank you.


Looking for love in all the wrong places like that old song says?


Here we have a woman/fairy, who I agree with other posters has lost touch with her subconscious, and is ungrounded. This lack of a connection has caused her to not realise she already has what she needs. She has a large and heavy bag, that I imagine to be full of cups, but she keeps on fishing for them, a vague sense of dissatisfaction, that perhaps if she finds just one more than she will feel complete, or that she has found "the one", not realising that she already has what she needs, and more so I bet.
She doesn't look satisfied or happy with her lot does she? She looks melancholy and sad. Also boredom, whiling away the hours fishing for things she doesn't need, so that she can procrastinate and put off doing the other tasks that she actually needs to do.

This card makes me think, "What do I have in my life that I am not grateful for?" or, "What am I searching for that I already have?" or, "What am I putting off doing?".

This is a very thought provoking card.