Sweet Twilight: 4 of Swords


I was looking through the deck and this card struck me.

She's so relaxed, yet the cat looks as if he's guarding her and she has swords placed within easy reach if defense is needed. Resting yet ready for action.

She's above the water - emotions? yet they still flow all around.

The LWB talks of problems all around. Is the cat a problem or the part of her that is still wary and worried?


I love the relaxed and calm atmosphere in this card. I did not quite understand at first what the LWB meant by problems all around. But then I suddenly remembered how I used to sit up in a tree reading during the summer vacations from school. My parents were divorcing and there was a lot of disagreement "down there" so I climbed a tree where no-one saw me and enjoyed the rest and loved the closeness and calm solace from Mother Nature.


I love, love, love this card! It's one of my favorite cards!

She's so beautiful and serene sleeping in her tree, a temporary retreat from all the the conflict she's had to face. She's a fighter. Why else would she be carrying 4 swords with her lol? Her trusty cat watches intently as she sleeps, guarding, protecting her from danger.

It's a card that tells you to rest and recuperate, especially after a crisis. It's all about giving yourself time to heal before you take action of any kind. It's the perfect card for a person who's going through a break-up. When you break up with somebody, your heart feels like it was torn apart in battle. When it's all over, you have nothing left to do but rest and take yourself out of the game for a while.