Sweet Twilight - 6 of Wands


So I've had this card in two readings now which is why I wanted to post.

The first time it was linked with that feeling you get when something has been planned for ever, and then it happens, and instead of elation when it's all over you feel flat. I remember that happening at the end of term, after exams, and after a birthday party.

The second time it was about whether the success was worthwhile and honestly won, or whether it was tainted somehow and compromised.

The treasure is there, but does it live up to expectations? And what to do now?


Thank you Aerin! I had not thought about this dimension of the card and I´ll surely add it to my notebook.
I also see this person as being stuck in the past. She is looking back to her childhood and perhaps remembering it as a golden period in her life. She is crying because she is thinking of everything that could have been and should have been different back then. I´m sure it is necessary to look back and feel the losses of the past and go through all the things that you did not really understand back when youy were a child. But it is perhaps not healthy to get stuck there?

The first wand is in the hand of the toy and it is sprouting (with memories?) but it is not grounded. The other wands (behind her) are firmly planted on the ground and they are leading elsewhere and that´s where she should also perhaps be going.


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The childhood idea is really interesting, a bit of a 6 of cups vibe. Maybe she is remembering her success in childhood and wondering what went wrong - I've met people who do that, they feel guilty that they didn't "succeed" after everyone told them they should. (School reunion - I was amazed how many women felt failures because they weren't something "big" in industry ro whatever.)


Aerin said:
. (School reunion - I was amazed how many women felt failures because they weren't something "big" in industry ro whatever.)
I have noticed the same! Isn´t it interesting that it´s often the women nowadays who are very greedy of power and of recognition. Some of the worst workaholics I know are women..


I've had this card recently too and what struck me about it was that the figure in the box appears to be made from her tears. It made me think of the 'blood, sweat and tears' you sometimes need to put into projects in order to make them a success.


I pulled this card in a reading about my recent ex who is a drug addict. When I immediately saw it, I just knew it was him. Even though this is supposed to be a girl on the card, there's also a slight androgyny to the card. I think this could represent a man or a woman.

I think of this card as looking back at the past and regretting what has happened. The jack-in-the-box is the past. The doll's face is smiling. It represents better times. It's a card of nostalgia, but it's more than that. The tears are directly tied to the jack-in-the-box. Maybe she's crying because of what she's done. The past is the past, and her actions have brought her to this point in time. She can only think back to when life was full of happiness.


I think the card depicts a young boy, really. It's not such a feminine image to me.

Girl Archer

putting in my two cents here... I think it looks like a boy (gender being not that important for me when I am reading), I wonder... The card definitely shows victory and all that, but the tears... at what cost has he won? What did he have to sacrifice or let go, in order to win this? Also agree with the blood, sweat and tears interp put here.