Sweet Twilight - 7 of Chalices


Arg! I forgot about this. I was distracted by vampyres.

What I decided to do was lay out the original spread and substitute memento mori for the seven of chalices. It certainly made the reading more ominous. Memento mori seemed to take the meaning from fear of death to imminent reality. The skeleton is in the eye of the reader and the reader can see the woman is surrounded by death.

The seven of chalices felt more like it was saying live your dreams before it's too late. Where memento mori felt like it was saying make your peace because your going to die.


Since the 7 of Cups can also mean fantasy and not being based in reality, for some reason this looks to me like anorexia in reverse. An anorexic always thinks they're fat (I know because I've had the problem in the past) so that when they look in a mirror---or using water as a mirror---what they see is fat on their body that isn't there. This looks like the girl is seeing herself as not being fat enough. She looks at her reflection in the water and sees someone who is skeletal instead of nice and fat.