Sweet Twilight - 8 of Wands


This is such an interesting tree-girl with lots of insects around her. There are insect antennae and/or tree branches coming out of her here and there. She has a lovely expression on her face, very calm and serene and introspective. She looks like she is trying to be very still so as not to frighten the insects away.
There are 7 dead wands surrounding this 8th wand, which is this tree-girl.

One day I was doing a reading that included someone who had a wound in her hand. I had to laugh when I saw this card because this girl also has those strange hands. They are not wounded, but she sure could not write or play the cello with them. (Not without some serious re-learning).

What I don´t understand is -once again- the LWB :"When everything has been carefully constucted, designed and placed just so, all that is needed is one little gesture and everything falls into motion, taking a life of its own" Anyone care to explain what this has to do with the tree girl? :bugeyed:


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I think she is just about to bring those other wands into life. They are placed in a careful pattern and she's poised to get them to stir. The one at the front has what looks like a live leaf.


Look at the eyes

I find her eyes the most intriguing. Either she is in a trance and concentrating on her spell or she is narrowing them as if to say "don't even think of interfering with my plans!" So I think this is consistent with the LWB; it is suggestinging that she is guiding events to her own will...oh..and there may just be a swift conclusion, as well!


Everything about this card makes me think of the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. Look at the mushrooms sprouting from the tree. I think this is card is all about keeping busy and coming up with new ideas. She appears stoic as she looks straight ahead. When I see this card, I think "Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!"

The busier you make yourself, the less you have to think about: The less you have to worry, and the less you have to feel.



I think it's a bit like the domino effect with those wands. She's spent so much time getting them ready, and with one little touch they are all going to grow, whoosh....