Sweet Twilight-Ace of Swords


She is dressed in red and she holds her sword in a very dedicated way. She wears gloves so she is ready for fencing. The sword has beautiful bird heads (swans?) in its hilt. Maybe the sword is a family heirloom, an old and valuable treasure? Or maybe she has won it in a battle. But she values it highly and she will serve the sword and follow it wherever it may take her.
Here is again a very young person in this deck who looks much older than her years. She looks very serene and sure of herself but she is also warm and friendly. She´d make an excellent ally in any endeavour.
She has something hanging from her waist which could be a purse or keys or anything -but it is probably the sheath for the sword?

ETA: It looks like the same sword (and the same girl?) is in the 9 of Wands


She's fun isn't she? I haven't had this card yet.

It's interesting that she is wearing gloves. Her hands are sheathed as well as the sword.


She's a strong woman, youthful looking in appearance, but I don't think she's that young. Her eyes look like she's seen her share of pain. She keeps the sword in front of her face, protecting herself, and at the same time masking part of her face. She's ready for anything. She's ready to protect herself, and she's ready for battle. She wears a red dress because she is passionate and hot-blooded, fiery at times.

I did a "tell me the story" reading, and this card appeared. The first thing I felt was that it represented my mom. They even look alike, with the long dark hair, bangs, and dark eyes.

This is a great card.