Sweet Twilight - card backs


What do you think of the card backs? Do they have a message or are they just being decorative?

There are heads with big hair and small skulls here and there and the result could be restless but the colors are again really fantastic. The orange is warm and the blue and green are really like a cool breeze. Wonderful.
I especially love the Venetian masks in the middle. Are the small round things full moons or what?

I have not been able to figure out what the backs mean? Or maybe there is no message, just that they are beautiful to look at. Whichever the case these are definitely among the best LS backs I have seen.


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They remind me of Halloween - I think it is the orange colour and the little skulls.


I've been trying to figure out what they are, too. At any rate, they're very different as deck backs go. I really like them.


I'm seeing a lot of Egyptian connotations - the Eye of Horace in particular. Minus the symbols under the eye (I'm referring to the eyes mirrored in the center of the backs & they're green, which the Eye of Horace is reputed to be), which have arithmatic values or can refer to the senses, yet those symbols are sort of portrayed on the other faces of the backs. I'm wondering if the artist used any more of this type of symbolism in the deck; I'm not done looking yet. Plus, the back is geometric AND has fluid freeform lines. Notice the pyramids & the water reference? The Nile? There's an obvious overseer there - Isis? And the image is duplicated/mirrored. What is above is below or something like that? Am I splitting hairs here? Does anyone know the artist? Christina Benintende please stand up!