Sweet Twilight-card symbolism


I have been looking at some of the symbols in this deck.

SUN: I counted 17 suns in this deck. Some are very small and hiding in the picture somewhere and others are more prominent. I counted in the sunflowery thing in the High Priestess card. In the 7 of Pentalces there is a yellow ball that could equally well be a moon or a balloon. But I counted it as a sun this time.

MOON: I found 26 moons. There are 2 or 3 moons in some cards, like the Knight of Chalices. The funny face in the Knight of Pentacles could be a mask or a moon. One would expect there to be a moon in the nightly scene of the 9 of Pentacles but I could not fined one there. Theres a moon tattoo on the Magician´s cheek.

SKULL: I found 10 skulls and a skull of a moose is number 11. (Some tiny skeletons could also be counted as skulls..but I didn´t.) There are two skulls in some cards like the Death. And then of couse the card backs have two small skulls each.

MASKS I counted 11 masks of which the most beautiful must be the one in the Strenght. There are 3 masks in the 5 of swords and two in the Knight of wands. The card backs have a beautiful big mask plus the two small white things that could be either masks or moons.

BIRDS: There are at least 21 birds. Two cards have 6 birds each. Those are the Moon and 5 of Swords. The swan in the 9 of Chalices, the dove in the Ace of Chalices and the raven in the 2 of Pentacles are among my favorites. (There are additional birds in some of the sword hilts which look like swans.)

BUTTERFLIES: These are generally thought to represent transformation, right? It would make sense in the 7 of Swords in which transformation would be needed to help in the confusion. I found butterflies in four cards (They look like moths in the Hanged Man). Sometimes it is hard to say if the things are butterflies or bows (10 Wands) or flowers (2 Chalices).

CATS:The big cat in the 7 of Wands is gorgeous! The Fool, Magician, High Priestess and Hierophant all have cats. The girl in the 4 of Swords also has a cat. That makes 6 cats. And maybe we should count the Cat Woman in the 9 of Pentacles,too:p And then there´s the lion in the Strength card, of course.


SNAKES: I found 5 snakes. Three of them are in the Majors (Justice, Death and Chariot) and 2 are in the Caduceus in the 2 of Chalices.

RODENTS: A blind mouse and a rat (or two mice) are in HP´s card. The apelike animal in the Wheel of Fortune is probably a mouse? There is a mouse in the throne of the Queen of Wands. There are cute squirrels in the 3 of Chalices.

OTHER ANIMALS: dolphin, ape, bear, hare, horse, fishes, dragonfly.


Someone I know said that the mice haunted her in this deck.

Personally I don't see many mice (even though I know the Wheel, Queen of Wands, High Priestess have them) - I notice the squirrels on the whole e,g, Knave of Swords and yes 3 Chalices.


Aerin said:
Someone I know said that the mice haunted her in this deck.
LOL:D really? How funny. There are not *that*many of them, though.
I wanted to check if squirrels are rodents (zoologically) but I keep forgetting ? Probably they are not..


In the background of the Emperor card there's something that looks like a little meerkat except that if that's what it is, there's no tail that I can see. Maybe it's a little alien being instead. It's cute, though.