Sweet Twilight - Eight of Chalices


The girl is attached to the tree so she may be a tree spirit. Maybe the boy has fallen in love with the tree spirit and he now has a broken heart when he realises that the girl and the tree are inseparable? Their paths seem to differ and the girl is pouring the other cup down to earth. Has she also given up on the boy and their relationship?
There´s a funny moon on the sky. Is it a triple moon or the sun with two moons on both sides?


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I think it means a coming storm - in this case perhaps of emotions as against weather.


So the coming storm might be their breakup that they have been avoiding? Or the storm might break the girl´s connection with the tree and set her free?


You think you can leave, you think it won't hurt.
But it's not so.
Even regret is a connection. Even when going in different directions there is affection.
Things you love gently will never be really lost.

And I think someway it's important that the tree is alive.


The moon looks like an eye to me. It seems to be watching them.


I had this in a reading today and a new interpretation came up: The girl is tied to an old situation that wears her out and drains her power. Her energy, the wine, is pouring away to the ground. The knight is very traditional and old-fashioned (patriarchal) and almost part of the tree the girl is tied to. The girl needs to walk away from him and from the outdated and backwards-looking man-tree if she wants to keep the rest of her power from draining away.


I like that, thanks for sharing it. Your reading has reminded me of the need to disconnect and take back your energy from people and things (and give them theirs back too).

Perhaps the moon will lose its halo and shine brightly once she has disconnected herself.


Aerin said:
of the need to disconnect and take back your energy.
I think this sums up the card very nicely:thumbsup: