Sweet Twilight-Five of Wands


These girls look like flower petals flying in the spring wind! There is a lot going on but none of it is very serious or harmful. It looks more like they are playing a game or doing sports. They have no intention of harming anyone. I think this Five of Wands looks far less serious than in most RWS-clones.


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It's a pretty card. I agree, they don't look serious. The LWB implies that they could get in each other's way even as they are working together for some goal.


I look at this card and see different stages in a company. There is a figure at the bottom that is looking up -perhaps planning her ascent to the top, while the one at the very top looks like she is starting to fall. Is competition from the others threatening her position at the top of the tree? I see the sort of competition that leads people to strive for promotion in their jobs. It's not necessarily harmful but you do need to compete against your peers.


That's an interesting way of looking at the card - I can see how it might read in a career type reading.