Sweet Twilight-Four of Wands


This differs from the usual RWS Four of Wands in that it is more sad. The couple looks dreamy but sad and the castle behind them looks somehow like a ruin. The red sky and the red clouds in the wind have an omnious feel. Two wands are still standing but two have fallen to the ground. There are sprouts though, so there is hope. It is as if they had been a happy young couple and then something has happened and now they are sad. (It makes me remember a couple I know who have lost a baby..)


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I think they love each other very much. Maybe their home is each other, and they've realised that.


Their faces do look kind of sad, don't they? The picture reminds me of being out in the desert where you could certainly carry your couch outside and just lounge around watching a sunset or counting the stars or hearing the coyotes' serenade the full moon. It looks peaceful and relaxing and romantic to me.



They look tired, like they have gotten so far and are now ready for a well deserved rest.... I didn't see the castle as ruined, I thought they were enjoying the sunset. The fallen wands/tree's well... I wondered if they were like halfway there... they have planted half and have half left to go, because the ones on the ground are still sprouting? I do sometimes have a Pollyanna way of looking at the cards!!