Sweet Twilight Hierophant

Briar Rose

This card shows the Hierophant guiding the little girl, along with her cat to all the wonders the world has to offer.

I love the gentle playfulness of this card.

The girl with her hand back suggest that maybe she is positioning herself to take the jump up and walk on the plain with the teacher.

What about the fish, what do they represent?


Briar Rose said:
What about the fish, what do they represent?
The fish are usually about the depths of the unconscious powers. Something one can´t see but that is down there, living and breathing and moving. Here they are floating up in the air above the Heirophant. It makes me think the Hierophant is also down in the depths of the oceans together with the fishes?

I think the Hierophant is like a Biologist, researching and learning about the Nature and teaching about it to the younger generation


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I love this card as well; the first thing I thought when I saw it was "magician" (I saw it without the title at first). I think it is the way wonders might be being pulled out of the air...

ana luisa

Oh, man, now I'm sure I'm a really bad girl! I get a terrible vibe from this card. I read your posts and can "see" how you put a nice touch to the image but I simply cannot shake off the only scene I get from this Hierophant rendition : being caught in the act and using this to your advantage...
I can almost see the girl asking "Watcha doin'?" and the guy using his long mustache to bring her closer and show her the ways... The fish also reinforces that because it's a slimy animal, hard to catch and brings the saying to mind "There's a lot of fish in the sea". Suggests repetition.
And no, I don't see abuse, incest,pedophilia in many things but this card just does that to me...