Sweet Twilight -King of Chalices


This King puzzles me because he is obviously a scholar and he also looks a bit like a magician. But where is the feeling and emotion? Is it represented by the sea behind him?

All the other suits/elements seem to be present here: there is a wand and the wind is blowing hard (air, swords). The books are the material side (as in pentacles) and the seawater could represent the feeling just as the chalice in front of him.

Is he dropping something in the chalice? It looks like a pearl. Or maybe it is rising from the chalice.

The LWB says his "wisdom and experience keep him away from the dangers and risks of love" That does not sound like the traditional King of Chalices who I think would be quite an expert in the challenges of love.


King of chalices

I don't get this card. I think of the King of Cups character as a real bon viveur but in this deck he most certainly isn't. He's bookish.

I find this card one of, if not THE, most sinister (literally); if it weren't for the fact that the thumbs are the right way round I would think from his posture that he is facing the other way and has a mask on the back of his head.


Oh yes, I forgot to mention the mask. It is rather creepy.. Why would he -of all cards- need a mask?


To me, he's taken his wisdom into his body and heart and not into his head like most people try to do.


wow Aerin! I like this :thumbsup:



I had the card in a spread as an 'advice' card when reading for someone else, and this is what came to me at the time.

I'm glad you like it.


Another related meaning - someone hoarding books...and realising the need to let go of the physical books.

(Holds on to own books very tightly.)

Girl Archer

King of Cups is supposed to be a master manipulator of emotions, so maybe the "creepy" mask (which I actually find delightful) is actually that he is hiding his real emotions. I got this from looking at my Phantasmagoric Theater deck... You know how All the World's a stage, and the men and women actors? I think this mask signifies just that. He is acting out emotions, but not showing his own. Hence his sketchy look.


Even if we're a mature, controlled King of Cups, we still wear a mask with other people. Even with a partner we still have parts of ourselves that make us feel too vulnerable to open up about. We all need a certain amount of privacy within our being that's just for us, not for anyone else. The King of Cups in this deck doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve but he does feel the need for the mask on his face.

Another thought that's a distinct possibility is that his kindness may have been mistaken for weakness one too many times so he wears a stern mask to hide his soft heart and the tenderness in his eyes. I have a son who is that way.

Lil Red

The king of cups looks like he has read everything about life and does not need to experience it. Why experience something you have read? Then there is his right hand outstretched. It looks like he is telling you that you can be just like him and read about life or you can go outside and explore the world. Now seeing the waves moving roughly could it mean that the king emotion is everywhere? Could it be that the king is afraid in what he might discover may be false in what he read? Next we have the mask. Is the king masking his feelings? Afraid that people might see the real him and how vulnerable he may be. Is that the reason why he has a crown? That he rather use logic then his emotions. Lastly, there is the wand. I’m not sure what I can say about the wand. Is it there for him to hold himself up or that he stands behind his actions?

I really don’t know what I can about the king of cups except that he is a very intelligent man but I can’t help to wonder why the man hides his passion/feelings. That's my view with this king.