Sweet Twilight -- King of Pentacles


LWB: Different people like different things. Those who pay attention can easily please others. However, those who are overlooked will absolutely not be pleased."

In the foreground we see a masked King with his back to a woman who is turning rouns, having lifted her mask. I thnk we can assume that she is not looking pleased. However, I dare say here concerns are irrelevant compared with the destitute individual in the middle ground. And if you look closely in the background you can see two people in the trees (literally). I think this might be an environmental message.


If we look at this as an environmental message then possibly concern only for our own pleasures and placing other creatures beneath our notice, which I guess could be environmental or otherwise.

If the Kings are lawmakers then this could be environmental law or rules about money, financial markets etc. Which reminds me of how some companies pay their CEO'S big money while laying off lower level workers to make their budget. It doesn't have to be that way, of course. He could be the guy keeping it together, making the big decisions so that as many people are taken care of as possible.

This King seems obviously well-off and he has his beautiful wife but he has his back to her as if stuff is more important than relationships. He still hides behind his mask but hers is lifted like she's ready for interaction, but is he paying attention? Maybe he has to keep the mask on to distance himself from people so that he can maintain order. If he lets people get to close it's harder to do what needs to be done. He could be the parent who works long hours to make a more comfortable life for his family but doesn't have the time to enjoy it with them.

The posture of the two figures could also be seen as defensive, guarding each other's backs. But are they so wrapped up in the fighting for their place that they don't notice the world around them? Have they become self-absorbed?


This card made me think of self-indulgent parents who should never have had children. They want to please themselves certainly, she may want to please him but the poor child is out there squalling so loud she has even woken the trees up.

Dear me.