Sweet Twilight -- Knave of Chalices


LWB: "The student of love relies on words and pictures...on art imitating life...to help navigate this new world. Little does he know, nothing but experience can really help."

I don't really like this card. We see a man holding a book, with another book in his pocket as we walks over a giant, yes you've guessed it, book. Before I read the LWB I had him down as one of those tedious, self-proclaimed intellectual types, so the artist has obviously done a good job. Unless, that is, the LWB descriptions were written to match the cards. Would that be life imitating art imitating life?


Again, not had this card in a reading upon which they tend to make a lot more sense.

Yes, I think this about someone who thinks they know all they need to know about feelings by studying and not by doing. Like someone reading Tarot books and never actually doing a reading, ever.