Sweet Twilight - Knight of Pentacles


I just had him in a reading, so here's what I noticed.

He seems very comfortable on the fish, yet in the distance there's a kind of "castle in the clouds" on stilts. I'm not sure it is even real, there's the moon (I think) up there too - I get a "grass is always greener" vibe from the card. He looks rather discontented even though he has everything he wants.

I wonder if this card is about appreciating what you have, while recognising there's always room for a dream or two to follow - as long as it doesn't make you dissatisfied. Either go for it, or else stay put and make the best of things that you can. Don't winge and be inactive.


There is mischief in his glance and I´m not sure what to make of that.
I like your thoughts on this Aerin.


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With the Knight of Pentacles I usually also associate a strong sense of duty - i.e. he will do what needs to be done. This isn't necessarily the same as what he wants to do. In this card I see him as heading off to 'do the right thing' but he isn't too happy about it. I also get the sense that he resents what he is being asked to do. I think of those times when I've been asked to do something and ,being the responsible type, go and do it. However, there was the little voice that said 'Why is it always me who does this? So-and-so never has to and I never get any thanks for it...' Sometimes even the most responsible, dutiful individual wants the chance to do something wild. It can be very restricting always being the sensible, reliable one :)


I like those thoughts Flaxen. In my family my mother always assumes I am being sensible even when (in my head) I am NOT. Sometimes that is annoying. I try and splurge and she says "you deserve it". My sibling splurges and is being irresponsible. Humph.