Sweet Twilight -- Knight of Swords


I always think of the Knight of Swords as being an impulsive character -- not in ToST! Here we have someone contemplating action very seriously. I'm not quite sure what the girl on the rock is doing. She looks quite impish -- is she expecting punishment or is she egging the knight on?


I think she's being all noble and letting the Knight go on the quest.

Unicorns are usually associated with virgins.

I'm not sure about the animal skull - perhaps a reminder that not all quests are successful/ some end with someone/thing getting hurt?


I think the skull looks like a totem of a Clan. Like, the Knight could be one of the "Moose People". I just noticed today that the Knight is not riding the unicorn but is standing next to it. There is some old legend that the Unicorns will only let the most noble and pure people mount them, isn´t there? But the Unicorn seems to be accepting and waiting for this Knight..
The girl is either just a looker on or she could be like one of those Medieval princesses that were the reason Knights went to quests for? So the Unicorn and Knight could also both be bowing before the Princess-girl before leaving on their quest?