Sweet Twilight-Seven of Wands


This is one of my absolute favorites in this whole deck. The girl and the animal are both so beautiful! They belong together and they are equal companions supporting each other in a problematic situation.
The animal has got something of a dog in it although it probably is a black panther. It looks very focused and ready for a fight but it is not aggressive, just very alert. The girl is also ready to defend them both. There is a pair of hands visible below so there probably are lots of people down there? At least 6, one for each wand. I wonder what it is that this girl is defending? Her chosen way of life up in the plateau?
I love the colors in this card. The greens and mute oranges are lovely.


The animal made me think 'black panther' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_panther.

They've got some good high ground to defend here and the girl doesn't look especially worried - a little tired perhaps of standing her ground over and over again.