Sweet Twilight-Six of Chalices


This is a wonderful card! There is so much feeling here; love, trust and understanding. The colors are velvety and rich.
It looks like the girl has made a sacred circle on top of the hill and invited the bear to her ceremony.

There is a castle in the background and maybe it represents "the confines of social structure" (LWB) that the girl has stepped out of? The LWB says that the ways we can connect with others can be surprising and unexpected.
There is not much one can say about this card because there is not much going on here. There´s just the warm and velvety feeling.

I think this card would be a very good one in a reading. I can´t think of anything negative about this. I asked myself whether the bear could turn into something destructive, but no, I don´t see that ever happening. The bear represents a huge amount of instinctual energy that is at the little girl´s disposal. But I can not see that energy harming the girl in any way. I think that when the ceremony is over the bear will take the girl on its back and they go home together.


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How does it connect with traditional meanings do you think?

Does it have something of a fairytale about it, hence nostalgia for youth?


I think you put it very well here. It does have something of a Fairytale in it. The Fairytale I was thinking of when writing about the card is the Grimm brother´s tale where a mother lives in the forest with her two daughters (one blonde, tjhe other dark haired) and a bear knocks on the door and they just let it live with them the whole winter. In the end the bear turns into a prince, of course. (I´m sorry I don´t remember the name of that Fairytale in English?)


Yes, this is it! :thumbsup::p
Thank you for finding this link!


When I see this card, I immediately think of "King Kong" and Fay Wray. The girl and the bear share a special connection, a tender relationship that only they understand. This could represent a relationship of opposites. Nobody understands it, but somehow it works. They would do anything for each other.

It's such a sweet card. It gives you a warm feeling just looking at it.


This card reminds me of myself and someone I used to know a long time ago. He was huge and I'm not a very big person. He was 6'5" in bare feet, weighing in at 350 pounds and I was 5'1" (well, still am) and about 105 pounds. This was back in the days when guys wore cowboy boots and big hats so this man was about 7 feet tall when in his boots and hat. He was almost illiterate but had a fabulous sense of humor and he loved me and my kids to pieces. He was a force to be reckoned with when he was drunk---cops came with helmets on five at a time if he was on a rampage in a bar. He'd put his hands on the ceiling and brace himself and the cops would have to get a winch thing to pry him down so they could arrest him. He was just a big old lovable bear, though, for me and my kids. Last time I saw him he was sober for a lot of years, thank goodness.

Anyway, that's what this card reminds me of. When he was sober, I was never afraid of him for a minute and I always knew we were safe with him around. I think of him often and wish him well.