Sweet Twilight - Temperance


She is a very young creature with wings but something in her steady gaze looks very old and ageless. She is Art personified and the LWB says that in her hands there is nothing lost.
I wonder why the landscape is so arid and barren? One would expect there to be lush vegetation and water? Maybe this is to remind us that even in the most fruitless places of our lives it is still possible to honor Beauty, Art and Creativity?


In the LWB it says she needs to balance the "need for hope" and the "desire for blessings".

Desire sounds more like a selfish thing to me. Do you desire it, or do you NEED it? The rainbow is a symbol of hope and also a promise in the Old Testament.

It looks to me like the landscape needs water. If it were a person then it definitely needs something, but it may desire too much beyond that need.