Sweet Twilight-Ten of Pentacles


I was surprised to read in the LWB that this lady is at home. I had been thinking that she is a singer or an actress on stage. Her lovely emerald green dress is like made for the stage. The reds and greens and golden yellow are lovely colors.
The stairs look interesting, where are they leading? She seems to have bunnies in her attic:p The bunny looks surprised at what the lady does. What if this lady has been timid and afraid to perform and now the bunny looks surprised because she has become brave enough to finally sing in public.


I thought she was showing off her stately home to guests. The bunny looks decidedly odd there...


I'm struck by all the green emanating from the woman in this card: her hair is green, her dress is green, her bracelets and shoes are green...even her very skin seems to be a pale green in hue. The candles she's passing are also a deep green, and while I can't be sure, I feel like the bunny's eyes are reflecting some of that green, as well. In the context of a 10 of Pentacles card, I take all this green to symbolize lushness, growth, abundance, fertility...and mostly as that applies to concepts of "home" and "wealth." The woman looks immensely content to me, and I believe the main message is that she's so successful in her chosen pursuits that she has enough comfort to last a lifetime.

There's a saying about how money doesn't grow on trees, but for this woman, it does at least seem to grow on flowers, in the form of pentacle-coins. I have the notion in my head that she has so much wealth just bursting forth in this form, that, as some people will do with real flowers, she's placing bunches of these pentacle-blossoms around her home as decorations, just to brighten it up. In looking at this card, we may be catching her in the act of settling a pair of these into some vase or holder just out of our sight there on the wall ahead of her.

I never thought about her being on stage, Hemera (although that's a really interesting take!), but I could definitely see her possibly singing or humming as she makes her rounds here, and in fact, that could very well be what's drawn the attention of the bunny...