Sweet Twilight- The Devil


He is half human and half animal. His left side is the human side with the suit and boots and the right side is a goat with hoofs. He sits by the flames and has his big gorgeous bat wings but he doesn´t look very dangerous. He is probably a little stupid but by no means harmless. The LWB says that he looks at us and thinks: What use is this person to me?
There is again both the Sun and the Moon in this card like in many cards in this deck. So maybe it means that the Devil rules both at night and by day?


I haven't had this card in a reading yet.

He actually looks quite deep in thought to me. One horn is curly and the other straight for some reason.

I was reminded by the LWB comment you posted of a lady we knew when I was small. My mum said she was a social climber, and she only ever seemed to be friendly when she wanted something. As soon as you were no longer of any use - dropped like a stone.

I have known a few like that. Almost literally two faced.


Whu the face of Janus....


A Devil

I got this guy today.... and so timely as to be very weird. The LWB description and the image fit perfectly with someone I know a little too well.

He definitely has a look on his face of some who is planning to use and abuse as far as I can see.... Just like Aerin described. He looks very cunning, and no way would I trust this dude.

On the other hand if he approached me from his goat side, then I might, as I love goats!

Whatever, I am finding this deck spookily accurate... and this card coming today..well it could not have been more appropriate!

I am blogging about him now!!