Sweet Twilight - The Empress


There are so many cards in this deck that are so perfect that it´s difficult to say much about them! I have been wondering what to say about the Empress because she is one of the most perfect Empress cards I have seen:love:
She is relaxed, loving, wise and beautiful. She looks at us with a lot of love and understanding. She is again the Aphrodite (Venus) rising from the waves (like in the Ace of Chalices) but here she is more mature and more sure of herself.

Instead of being pregnant or carrying a child she carries the whole Earth in her hand. There´s a lot of red and two hearts in this card. Her crown is a big warm heart, so she rules with her heart and not with cool intelligence or logic. She has moons in her crown, her necklace and her scepter. She is the Moon Goddess and the LWB says she is the giver of life who is present in all things she has created.


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She has all the elements in this card. Well, water and Air and she carries Earth. Her hair is a fiery red as is her dress, hearts and crown.

Also, she has the Moon (sceptre, crown, ????necklace) and Stars (round the earth). The Sun isn't obvious, it is colouring the sky and perhaps she embodies it as well as Fire.