Sweet Twilight-The Magician


I love the gorgeous colours in this card: green, orange, blue, purple, red. There are lots of colours, and many of them contrasting colours so the overall harmony of this card is just amazing.This Magician looks like more of a thinker than a doer. He has many tools around him and the tarot tools are just among all the others. They seem to be put aside for the moment. The Chalice, Pentacle, Sword and Wand are not in use right now. The adorable green kitten is studying the Pentacle.
The Magician is a learned man, he reads books and knows all about planets and stars and the ancient and timeless Harmonies of the Universe. He is looking straight at us and I think his Crystall Ball is telling him something about us that he seems to be listening to. He is receiving a message and it may be about us or meant to be channelled to us?


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Have you noticed that the Magician has an hint of the wise Fool (a feather and a star above his cup)?
It reminds me of the Fey Magician, btw.


It's the kitten that really struck me.

He looks more confident than the Magician himself?

Empress Lilly

The Magician is the thinker, full of knowledge. But similar to a library all he does is offer information, not guidance. He’s not here to tell you which path to take or which tool to use, he’s only here to present options. He is here to open The Fool’s eyes on the first step of his journey.

In the card he has books and each of the suits (pentacles, swards, wands, and chalices) His head is surrounded by orbs, I view these as thoughts/ideas. I find it interesting that the cat and his robe are green with red accents. In the traditional card, The Magician’s right hand holds one hand up and one hand down believed to show that he is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity. I believe this is shown in this card by the stars and feeling of floating in space paired with the very real world elements of his desk, books, and gravity.

He has a moon on his cheek and I’m interested to see which other cards have moons on their cheeks. I know there are several in the major arcana with hearts on their cheeks.


I see the magician in this deck saying the time has come for me to pass my knowledge on to you my apprentice what you do with it id uptown you . He seems as if its a sad time for him I feel he is holding through crystal ball one lady time before handing it to the reader. The cat amuses me I see it as his familiar.