Sweet Twilight - The Moon


The Moon looks wise but somehow separate from the scene. The girl is juggling some white balls - have they just come from the moon or is she just playing to amuse it and herself? She and the birds seem to be dancing in the moonlight as the sun sets.... or is that as the sun rises?

The quality of light in this card is incredible. I get a sense of suspension between day and night - oh, in fact Twilight (which, it turns out, can be at the start and at the end of the day).


I love this Moon! It looks very regal and noble up there. It is not really concerned of the girl and of this world very much but it sure is beautiful and something one could worship.
Just the other day I was driving home from work and I saw a wonderful huge yellow moon rise up from behind the forest skyline. The big yellow moon looked like a Goddess and it instantly reminded me of this card.


I like to think as the girl is talking to the Moon, and maybe asking her to choose.
I wonder if she made a long journey to reach the moon.

Girl Archer

I love this moon card. She seems so calm and serene. I think the sun is setting, it is around twilight, birds are flying home, the Moon seems to have a very loving gaze upon the woman who seems to be looking up at the Moon, juggling the two white balls, which for some reason reminded me of the RWS high priestess, and the white ball that forms part of her crown/head dress. That seems to re-iterate the point about using one's intuition, channeling one's Inner Woman as she looks for answers. stars glow brightly in the sky, making me feel at peace somehow. (then again, I have always loved star-gazing) . This card gives me this feeling of being watched over and being protected by the Divine Feminine.

I think people missed it,but what do you guys make of the blush staining the left cheek, or is it a tiny heart drawn on the Moon's left cheek?