Sweet Twilight - The Sun


This is a lovely and warm and friendly Sun card. It´s about friendship and family and all the things that are positive about childhood. There´s a lot of warmth but no sign of excess heat or "burnout" like in some Sun cards.

It is difficult to say who the people are inside the Sun. I think I see them usually as three girls and two dolls but other combinations are also possible. At least the small one with empty eyes is a doll, isn´t it?
The green rocking horse in the corner is cute, just like the 5 Daisies on the ground. The ground looks funny. It reminds women´s breasts and it brings motherhood, fertility and procreation to the picture, which is very fitting for a Sun card. There would be no life and no procreation on Earth without the warm and loving energy from the Sun.


Th small head on the right looks alarmed or surprised.

The Sun embraces all these people, I wonder if this is because without the Sun we wouldn't be there. Not only because the Sun's energy feeds the world at the moment but also because all the elements that make up our bodies were created in stars.

Our Sun is a star.

We are stardust.


The sun is usually a happy card. The Sweet Twilight sun with its many faces which makes me think of the happiness of community. Everyone is not all alike, but they all work together so the community can survive. It takes more than one person to make this sun and the sun is the source of life. You can't go it alone. You need other people.

Because of this deck makes me think of the seventies this card also makes me think of communes and the desire to create a Utopia.

One of the issues with community is that even with differences there must be similarities to hold it together, thus there will always be someone who will be excluded from the community. A community that believes everyone should be included will have a hard time including someone who believes certain people should be excluded, for example. (Hey, that's kind of a paradox.) If this card is about community there will also be an element of going along with the crowd, peer pressure, and while a community brings warmth that very heat can be stifling sometimes.


I relate to that stifled feeling sometimes, just as much as to feeling excluded and also feeling part of something.

I haven't had this card much, and it would be interesting to know when I respond to it differently.


It's amazing to me how tarot, and particularly this deck, can reflect your state of mind. I don't get this card a lot either but when I have in the past it never screamed community to me. It's just something I've been thinking about a lot and there it was.

The only problem with getting an interpretation that clicks is that I have to be careful the next time I see the card not to discount other possibilities. That's what I love about these study groups-- being able to get out of my own head and see what other people see.


Yes I agree.

One reason why, having done a reading, I usually check in here/ the LWB/ some generic meanings to see what else I could have made of it.