Sweet Twilight - The Wheel


This reminds me of some kind of fairground activity, with the girl trying to turn the wheel handle by balancing on it. The symbols around the wheel range from a rainbow, to a star, to a lightening strike.

The mouse is looking up at the gril peturbed.

Are those asses ears she's wearing? Perhaps she is presuming she can control the Wheel whereas in fact the Wheel controls her.

The LWB says that our actions power the Wheel but we have no idea what will really come. However, we may as well have fun while we're at it.


Here is a picture of the card.
I think this is a cute card and leaves room for many interpretations. There are things going on in here.
The mouse reminds me of an ape. In fact I first thought it is one!


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When I saw this card, the first thing I thought of when I noticed how the girl is standing on a pipe was "pipe dream." ...It's as though she's standing on this dream of hers that may or may not amount to anything. A pipe dream is defined as something so far out or unattainable that it won't ever actually come to manifest...

Perhaps this card actually challenges that sort of idea of what is or isn't possible. Maybe this girl (with her bunny ears ...or I at least THINK they're bunny ears?) has an innocence (much like the Fool can be traditionally seen) from which she sees the worth in taking a risk in order to challenge the supposed impossibility of an "impossible" dream. Maybe she actually chose to climb up there onto the Wheel of Fortune, to take a chance, to play her luck, because she truly believes in herself and she sees the worth in taking that climb (or jump).

The mouse staring up at her from the ground can represent ideas of what's more "rational" or "practical" to do. What's more "safe." It looks like it's risky for the girl to be balancing herself up there. But even if the girl were to hypothetically fall (as cards in other Tarot decks do depict characters actually being thrown off the Wheel), she gets to have a unique experience - an alternate view - something that the mouse will not dare to have...

Mice have generally been thought of as representing fear; allowing yourself to feel small, afraid, or insignificant... a victim of circumstance or limitation. In the film, "The Wizard of Oz," the Cowardly Lion sings, "I'm afraid there's no denyin' / I'm just a dandy-lion / A fate I don't deserve / I'm sure I could show my prowess / Be a lion, not a mouse / If I only had the nerve."

Then again, maybe the girl will just stand there indefinitely, teeter-tottering back and forth (but what's the rush?) ...Maybe it's not even her dream; maybe it's just what's there for her, all that's available in her eyes, her only option. Maybe she doesn't have or know of anything better to do. Maybe it's all just a game to her, not to be taken seriously, and maybe the mouse knows better... or maybe not! Maybe life itself really is just like a game in some ways, and she knows that there's nothing to lose if it's all about following your heart and allowing yourself to climb and to grow - like the tree. :)

So perhaps this card is showing the idea of triumphing over your fears (over the parts of ourselves that want to behave like mice), and to dare to dream; to take initiative or seize the opportunity in order to bring that dream into reality.