Sweet Twilight -Three of Chalices


This is the Happy Squirrel card of this deck, isn´t it ? :D
The two squirrels each have their chalices and they are having a party. The girl and the squirrels (humans and nature?) are in perfect harmony here, each seems to be doing her own thing but everyone is also aware of the others. The girl looks like she is meditating or doing her own magic. The red earth looks fertile and warm.
The girl has amazing blue eyes. Her eyes are open but sometimes from some angle it looks like her eyes are closed. It´s actually quite magical-if you look at her for a while it looks as if she would open and close her eyes.


I like the way everything is relaxed. Nobody is having to try too hard, no-one is having to take responsibility for entertaining anyone else. Just comfortable together.

Alan Ross

Hanging out with the right company can make all the difference. There are many times when I would prefer hanging out with playful squirrels than with people.

I love the swing. It looks very comfortable and relaxing.



This girl looks a little squirrel-y herself. She's got a vacant look and that body language that says she's twisting her hair 'cause nobody is home. The usual RWS image of 3 friends having some drinks and some fun sure isn't here. I think she must have gotten a drug slipped into her drink to keep her stalled out while the other two friends went off to do something else. Or else she's the friend who doesn't drink but does other things and got a little too preoccupied to follow the plot.

She reminds me of that skit Lily Tomlin always did on Laugh-In where the little girl sits in the great big chair playing with her hair and saying impertinent child-like things sounding like she's got a stuffy nose. lol