Sweet Twilight-Three of Swords


I must confess that this is not one of my top favorites in this deck and I do not have an awful lot to say about this card either. But I am starting a thread for this card in the hope of hearing what you think about this?

This is the perfect teenage Drama Queen.
"X marks the spot" and "such exquisite pain" says the LWB.

Do you see anything else here? Any depth at all in this card?


Do you think the 2 swords in the background are equally undesirable choices and so she's somehow stuck between them unable to move on? There's a whole roil of emotions at the back of her I think in the sky.


Well, I don't have the deck yet but the Three of Swords is a 3, a card of creation. Some artists create from joy, others create from pain and sorrow. The Three of Swords is such a card that depicts an artist that creates from pain and sorrow. The songwriter and singer Sarah Maclachlan is such an artist, she said in an interview she could only write songs when she's sad.