Sweet Twilight -Two of Wands


The girl is bold and adventurous and she is following the others to Death Valley. Why is she going there? She is carrying a balloon that is the Earth-again an environmental hint in this deck perhaps, to remind us of our responsibility to Mother Earth? She wears glasses and they make her look like a student. The person she is following is perhaps also a student, as s/he has a rucksack on her back.

What is the sign on the corner of the big "Death Valley" signpost on the left? It looks like "69", or maybe it is an astrological sign? (Is it Cancer?)

The hard highway is being covered with soft red earth and moss. She no longer has to follow the highway and the white lines there, but she can choose her own path more freely from now on.
What are the grey things on the left, on the black highway? (Maybe it´s just a water post? Looks like a pepper shaker?)
The shadow that the girl casts is interesting, like an arrow pointing towards Death Valley, and it´s almost neon green in colour. It is showing her the way to go. This card reminds me of the 7 of Chalices. Both cards have these brave young girls who are not afraid to face Death.
The Biblical "Valleys of the Shadow of Death" come to mind here and I think it´s actually really awesome and cool! This deck is not for whimps :D


The first thing that came to mind on seeing this image is "She's going to Burning Man." Wands, fire, creative drive. She has to be highly motivated to want go there and create a more fiery reality for days and days. Or, maybe they are all going on a nice tour of Death Valley.

There is such forward momentum in this card, her shadow is a large arrow pointing, even the wind is blowing in the direction everyone is going.

Such a thing requires a lot of preparation, supplies etc. but there isn't any indication of this in the card (unless maybe the world on a string?). The card isn't really about the actual preparations and ground work, more about knowing which way to go, setting off and gaining momentum. It is about begining to move in a particular direction.

At times it could indicate dangerous lemming tendencies or a woeful lack of preparation. At other times it could indicate keeping to your path even if it seems dangerous or you feel unprepared.

I wonder what the shiny metal thing in the foreground is?


I think the landscape in the 3 may be Death Valley itself perhaps?

I hope she isn't just about to get run over on the road due to daydreaming about this rather weird scene.

Is she the skeleton and the other girl as well? Are these possible futures?


Every road is leading to the same place. It makes me think of the comfort of knowing your destination and the freedom it brings. Now that she knows where she's going, and has a specific destination in mind, she can allow herself to enjoy the journey and the experience, no matter what. :)


Sweet Twilight - Two of Wands

One of my preferred cards.

I wonder if I ever been there.



I am still not sure about this card - perhaps because I haven't had it in any readings yet.


The LWB says something about us all going to the same place I think. I thought about that when this card came up in a reading today. Although we may all have the same ultimate destination we each have to choose our own path. Today this card was about being the creator of you're own path even my goal is the same as other people's.


Oh, yes, that works.

Thanks for sharing that.