Sweet Twilight- your favourite cards


I think I could list many but if I chose three they would be the Fool, the Strength, and the 9 of Chalices.

I know, the Fool is not an easy one and there was discussion about it earlier in some other thread. I love the serene expression on his face and the cat and the colours and everything.. We´ll start a thread for this one later.

3 of Chalices is wonderful,too, and so are the 6 of Chalices and the 7 of Wands.


A few of my faves...

4 of Pents. 9 of Swords. Tower. (very very very much, the Tower!!)


victoria.star said:
Tower. (very very very much, the Tower!!)

I almost mentioned the Tower,too! I love it!


yes! the tower!! for some reason, it gives me the feeling i think i should get from the tower card--one of understanding that things change and that upheavel is necessary for growth.
i think it is what the girl is saying to her bear.

i didnt respond to my least favorite cards in this deck, because, quite frankly, i like them all.
i know this sounds "rose colored glasses" and all, but it is what i kept saying the first couple of days...there isnt a card in this deck that i dont like. ;)


I'm an 'all of them really' as well.

I do love the Queens.

And the Tower, and Death. Also 4 of Cups makes me laugh.

But really I could list the lot.


2 of wands
7 of swords
Queen of swords
4 and 5 of pentacles

I could go on too, but I'll stop there.

Glass Owl

I have a special fondness for the 6 of Chalices.


My 2 favorites are the Lovers and the Queen of Wands. I love the hippy chick. She definitely embodies the spirit of the Wand Queen.

And the Lovers have created their own "world" just for the 2 of them.

The World is my favorite of any World card from any deck.


The Sun
7 of Wands
Ace of Wands
Queen of Swords
10 of pentacles
9 of Cups

for now..


This deck is so great it was hard just choosing couple but my standouts are:

Hermit -- I love the alone and collecting your thoughts feel with this card. I love the books and quills it makes me think of journaling, which is what i do when I am most self-reflective.

3 of Swords -- This card is one of the few I saw before its release and sold me on the idea of the deck. Emotions are like self-inflicted wounds. We do it to ourselves out of hope for what can come.

Queen of Swords – Love this card! She is tied to a stake, being burned but still has her sword on her hip and a look of determination in her eyes. She is not defeated, she will not be hurt. She is simply playing along with the foolishness until she is ready for her attack and woe to the one who feels her wrath.

9 of Chalices – Love the waves and the wish to be a swan. It is shared by both the girl and the fish.

10 of Chalices – Overdone emotion. Lost in the pleasures of the moment. Some cups full, some cups empty with a promise that things are all right in the world.