Sweet Twilight_Nine of Swords


At first I thought this card is not working for me at all because I just disliked this girl. She looks unpleasant and is provocatively dressed and I can´t help but feeling she gets what she deserves. [sorry:p]
I thought she is a Drama Queen -but wait!- isn´t that just one of the RWS meanings assigned to this card? So maybe this card is working after all?

It´s not easy to find all those nine swords but they are there allright. There´s some other kind of metal structure behing the girl. Maybe it´s the bench she is sitting on? Or a balcony rail?

What does it mean that she is holding the moon on a leash?


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I think she's hanging on to her illusions (moon).


Oh yes! That´s just what it is, hanging on to illusions. Thanks Aerin. I´ll have to add this to my notebook.