Swords Are Fire, Wands are Air


The swords are fire is one of the things that drew me to the deck.

Are there any cards strongly affected by this switch from the RWS?

I'm going to talk about this in the 9 of Wands thread, which is my first card that I'm studying, that is affected by this.


It would be an interesting exercise to lay the Maat Wands and Swords out and then compare them with a traditional deck like the RWS. At first, some of the Maat imagery didn't seem to "fit" with my take on the archetypes of the Minors, but Julie's explanantions have been invaluable in making a correlation for me in all of the cards I've looked at in depth so far.

Wands and Swords both represent masculine, active energies, so that helps a bit. :c)



Kimber are your wands/fire or air? In 9 of Wands you said we both do wands/fire. The deck and I are doing wands/air and swords/fire. I'm confused.


Hi hunter!

Sorry for the confusion. I got the impression that you traditionally see Wands/Fire and Swords/Air, as I do, and that you were having some difficulty with the fact that Julie's system is based on Wands/Air and Swords/Fire.

I was trying to indicate in my comment that with a lot of the cards, at least IMHO, the leap isn't so great from one element to the other, because Fire and Air are both masculine, active elements.

Hope this clarification helps!!



can somebody confirm that in the Ma'at tarot, swords are fire and wands are air?

just wandering and waiting for an answer that could possibly change my whole view on the thing... ;)

thanks very much in advance!



THANK YOU GreenMoonBeam!!!! :) :)


I don't have the deck but if you look at the Court Cards and the Aces I'd say that this deck uses Wands / Air, Swords / Fire.
I've attached images of the Sword and Wand Ace cards.


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