SWOT analysis

Aunty Anthea

Loving your idea

So being a Business Development Manager I have been playing with spreads to give me insight before meetings with prospective and existing customers - with a bit of success.

I have now tried the spread for relationships but feel I need an added card- maybe an outcome card or something? Any thoughts welcome.

Basically the spread is a square of four cards and they can be read separately and then together as various pairs and then again as whole.

Cards 1-2 S-W
3-4 O-T

So standard swot analysis Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

Reading it - as separate cards but then looking at pairings so diagonally, how Strengths can help combat Threats for example.

Has anyone any feelings about laying a fifth card maybe as a wild card or outcome card etc... particularly with regard to relationships and not just situations? Thank you x

Love the idea of using the swot analysis especially as I work a lot with small businesses :)

I find that I have very little feeling for the average spreads and always try new things and new ways to better connect with my clients