Sylvanius - not sure if I'm getting this?


Tomorrow, I am scheduled to get my gall bladder removed. So I pulled a Faeries Oracle card this morning and asked, "What do I need to know about my surgery?". The card that came up was Sylvanius, who I have not yet met in my personal readings.

To me, the faery in front of his torso plus the one holding the sword spoke quite directly to my surgery, so I felt it was appropo. The general feeling I got from the card was of reassurance. ("Be brave, you'll be fine.") That I have to go through this short term pain in order to achieve long term gain. I felt like they were telling me that this problem is something that has been affecting my health for longer than I even knew, and getting rid of it will "free" me for future improvements in my health and well being.

Now, the card definition in the book speaks of "unmasking" yourself to see truth. Which I don't quite get in regards to this particular situation.

So, not being entirely familiar with Sylvanius and not having the least bit of objectivity when it comes to my own readings, I wondered if anyone here has some insight into what else Sylvanius might be telling me? I'd also welcome your general opinions about him, because like I said, I have not yet had the opportunity to learn about Sylvanius, despite having owned this deck for some time now.

I posted about this card on my blog on this morning, but the more I think about it, the more I felt I needed to get some feedback from friends here. Any ideas?


I would say that Sylvanius asks you which of your behavior has contributed to this situation. Which emotions didn't you process correctly? Which parts of yourself do you need to nurture, and what do you need to let go?

Best of luck with your operation!