Symbol in the Devil's hand


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Waite associated Saturn with lead and Nature in its impure or fallen state. In his Azoth, or The Star in the East (1893), he makes this enigmatic statement:

"When we would shape in our thoughts the future of the human race, and the perfection which is to appear through evolution, the blossoming of Eden’s bower, and the 'reign of Saturn revived', he must be our guide."​

The "he" refers to the Poets. Waite foresaw a time when they would be the new priests, the bridge-builders between the seen and unseen. The "reign of Saturn revived" refers to a time when Nature will be restored to its former state of perfection. In the same work he uses the phrase again:

"But we are seeking not only for traces of the existence of an evolutionary doctrine; we are in need of an application of the law by which intelligent and conscious man can bring his own faculties to assist the law of his nature, and this also we shall learn from the Mystics, for such an application is indeed the end [goal] of Mysticism, while it is also ostensibly, as it was once in sincerity, the chief object of research among the illuminated brethren of the square and compass. But redit Saturnia regna [Saturn’s reign returns], and, in the time to come, there may yet be a regeneration of Masonry."​

In The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry (1911) he writes:

"The state of imperfection in the metallic kingdom is that of Saturn or lead; the seed of this metal is one with the seed of gold, but it has been brought to birth in an impure region."​

In other words, it has been brought to birth in Nature in its present fallen state.

Recall Waite's comment on the Devil in the PKT:

"But there is human intelligence in the faces, and he who is exalted above them is not to be their master for ever."​