Symbolism of stain glass in 4 of swords n 5 of pentacles.


What is the symbolic meaning of the stained glass in 5 of pentacles and four of cups?
Both are a bit low depressing cards. Also if we notice further in four of swords, the stain glass has image of a woman and child. What does that mean?


Hi amitjain123,

Starting new threads is always welcome at Aeclectic, but have you taken a look through the forum's index at Updated RWS Forum Index (Updated 30Jan11)?

There are already indexed threads about both cards in the "Windows" section of post 37 and the "Church" section of post 35. There are also a number of threads on both the 4 Swords and 5 Pentacles in the index.



In both cases, when the cards are reversed the windows can be seen as doors.