this thread deals with our impressions of the Archetypes from the symbolon deck. these are cards number 1 through 12 in the lwb

so, impressions anyone??



The Mother

The reflection of the Moon of the Sub-conscious in the Waters of the Self flowers into the eternal Mother who flows back down into the Waters once more. That was my first visual impression of the Mother.
But the central figure is the Child, not the Mother. I guess that about says it all. The Mother looks down at the Child who looks out, straight into your eyes.
Then the halo of stars comes into focus-- six and four sided. I see four as Earth, six as Heaven.
A feeling of warmth, of security, of peace. And the Mother understands that the Child must be protected, nurtured.

I'm a Cancerian-- perhaps part of the reason I felt drawn into this Archetype. Does the Archetype which represents your Sun sign speak to you more than the others?

(This is one of the two Archetypes that has more than one central figure on it. The other is the Partner. Any ideas why these have 'twin' figures??)

" the LVX of the silvery moon..."


The Warrior

Let's start at the beginning...

Here we have Mars on the march, leaving death and destruction behind him. The Warrior's path begins at the blood red sunrise far in the distance, as he marches relentlessly forward.

To his left, cities are aflame; to his right lay the ashes of destruction. But we must remember here, creation of the new can only happen with the destruction of the old. Granted, the Warrior takes this to extremes. Such is the energy of Aries, the fire of Spring.

He wields the sword in his right hand, signifying that he cuts away with the power of the rational mind, not from the emotional or intuitive side.

His shield, on the intuitive side, depicts the wheel of the year. Two swords cross-- this reminds me of the two of swords--truce. At the shield's center is a wolf's head. The spirit here is wild, but with proper control, the wolf can become the dog.

The Warrior's facial expression seems to me one of hesitation. It is as if he feels that there is another method to clear a path for creation, but he doesn't know what it is. Again, the sword and shield.

Astrologically, this card can represent the sign Aries, the planet Mars, and the first house.

How about your impression of the Warrior?



who's on first??

After my discussion with truthsayer about structure (over in STRUCTURE of course) I think it best to lay out in black and white what i see the ARCHETYPES to represent.

The Warrior represents the sign (not the sun sign; this is where Truthsayer and I diverge) Aries, the planet Mars and the 1st house.

The Lover represents the sign Taurus, the planet Venus and the 2nd house.

The Mediator represents Gemini, Mercury and the 3rd house.

The Mother represents Cancer, the Moon and the 4th house

The Ego represents Leo, the Sun and the 5th house.

The Servitor represents Virgo, the Moon's node, and the 6th house.

The Partner represents Libra, the Ascendent, and the 7th house

The Seducer represents Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th house.

The Preacher represents Sagittarius, Jupiter andthe 9th house.

The Master representd Capricorn, Saturn and the 10th house.

The Jester represents Aquarius, Uranus and the 11th house.

The Angel represent Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house.

enough for now--i'm headed back to bed.