this thread deals with impressions about cards containing The Mother archetype. cards numbered 13 through 23 in the lwb

any thoughts yet?



quite a surprise...

The card shows a beautiful and serene woman centered between night to her right and day to her left. the night is full of purple and indigo mountains and caverns, all barren--a cresant moon unable to light up the night; waterfalls start deep in the distance becoming a swirling pool just behind her-- the deep and dark un-sub-conscious.

Day is bright-- the hillside stretches out behind her. there is a river rather than waterfalls, but moving water nonetheless. A cricket (?) a dragonfly; grass, lily pads and (i think) a poplar. Life comes with the day.

Her eyes are closed, but that doesn't mean she sees nothing. On the contrary, I was certain she saw much. An eight-sided star above her head (super-consciousness??), a golden crown with what might be the full moon flanked by two cresents (okay, they're sliding a bit, but that's my impression). She's wearing a red beaded necklace with some sort of drop at it's bottom. Her belt has some design on it that makes me think of a n opening flower.

Her robes are white, the night side darkened deep violet. They flow down, merging with the waters. It took a few looks at this card before I noticed that her hands aren't visable. Any thought on that point??

The card is the combination of The Mother and The Preacher. Funny thing here-- the Mother is Cancer, which is my birth sign; the Preacher is Sagittarius, which is my mother's birth sign.....

Is my oedipus showing??

The card's energy is balanced (see symbolon--OVERVIEW p.3 'a little energy') and it looks it. But the biggest surprise came when I looked up the card's title. It is 'Mnemosyne'. She is the Goddess of Memory. It is she who the symbolon deck is dedicated to...




I like your card descriptions Steve, they sound almost poetic! :)

OK, I couldn't believe you said it took a few looks before you noticed her hands weren't visible. This was one of only a few cards which really made me stop and think on my first look through the cards, ..I was immediately struck, (disturbed!) by the absence of her hands. Also, around the same time as getting my deck, I accidentally knocked the hand off my "Divine Mercy" statue as I was letting down the window blinds, (I feel sure there is some significance to that!). Then, about a week later, I decided to organise my bookshelves, (thus was looking through books I hadn't picked up in a long time) ...when by sheer synchronicity ;) I came across a story of "The handless maiden" (one of the stages of the story being 'dismemberment') ..I haven't actually sat down to read the whole story yet, but gathered enough to know she does regenerate her hands, (remembering?!).

Random thoughts;

"In the sleep of forgetting, our very dreams serve to awaken our memories"

A reminder that the inner and outer landscapes (psyche/experience) are merely different aspects of the same reality.

Self is one in all ..and all in one ..there isn't any other.

The contents (memories) of the subconscious flowing ceaselessly into the sea of consciousness. (in actively repressing memories, we disrupt the flow between the two, and thus deprive ourSelf of the refreshment of a cycle of necessary growth or healing, risking the waters of the soul becoming stagnant).

***"Unchained Melody" is playing in my head now!"*** :D



if i remember my psychology right, when a person's hands are missing in a picture it is a symbol of passiveness. it makes since in this card b/c the moon is considered passive principle and the sun the active principle. in a negative connatation it is also a sign of feeling helpless--unable to defend oneself and needing to depend on others for protection.


a bit of this...


can you give me more info on the handless maiden story--i'd like to read it myself.

and to all--

in the symbolon deck, the moon represents female energy, as opposed to male (sun) energy. our eventual task is to integrate the two.

here is a listing of the cards representing the moon through the zodiacal signs:


in Aries-- Defiance

in Taurus-- The Two Faces of Eve

in Gemini-- Articulation

in Cancer-- The Mother

in Leo-- Incompatability

in Virgo-- Caring

in Libra-- The Family

in Scorpio-- Abortion

in Sagittarius-- Mneosyne

in Capricorn-- The Ice Queen

in Aquarius-- Deliverence

in Pisces-- Sleeping Beauty / Slumber

taking to wing


i think the story about the handless maiden is similar to the story of the red shoes. i know the red shoes is in clarissa pinkola estes' "women who run w/ the wolves". the other one may be, too.


Yes, Raven :D's the one Truth mentioned above ..I could scan and email the story to you if you'd like ..just p/m me your email address if you want me to. But the book is really worth buying, (and not expensive) ..her indepth interpretation, unfolds the stories deeper meanings which rekindles a fascination with the age old tales.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes interpretation of fairytales takes an archetypal/jungian analytical approach, ..very enlightening! Although the book is based primarily on the feminine psyche, I think this can/should be taken from the soul perspective rather than biological gender.

:D :D :D :D GUESS WHAT I GOT????? :D :D :D :D

Well I mentioned how much I LOVE my symbolon deck ..right?! ..Did I ??? :D
Well I just put my money where my mouth is and bought myself a backup deck incase this should disappear entirely from print, (Amazon UK & U.S. are both listing this as OOP now). So anyway, I had to get my deck from Amazon de decided to buy it with the big book ...and with the help of my brand new scanner ..along with quite a poor web translator LOL! ..I am making a jigsaw of meaning! :D (just got the book yesterday ..and my scanner a few days ago!).