Tabula Mundi Tarot: formerly Tarot "M"

Babalon Jones

Called this post "Tarot M" for now, since I wanted to show you the start of my newest deck but it hasn't yet been officially named. Who knows, maybe it will stick!

(Tarot "M" for for now as my initials are MMM - for M.M. Meleen. My first deck was published 11/2/11 and is called the Rosetta Tarot. You can see it here on AT in the deck listings or on my website at

Last weekend I finished the Fool card for this new deck, and already have the drawing of the Magus done.

While with The Rosetta Tarot I worked with a different medium for each suit, with this deck all cards will be done in the same medium - india ink on frosted acetate. I also decided to work much larger. With the Rosetta I did the cards actual card size (do not attempt this at home kids, unless you want to ruin your neck and back and eyes!). Needless to say, I would not choose to work actual size in that style again - it was tough!! And hard to get the details I love worked in at that size. These are done on 11x7 sheets, so much nicer to work with!

This is just the artwork for The Fool, with no border or title added yet...hope you like him!

edited to add link to site with all of the cards:


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Very nice! I love the birds eye view and the animals. I also love to do stippling, but I think I'd go blind or crazy, or both, if I set myself the task of stippling 78 pieces!


Wow indeed! Pure brilliance. So much energy flowing. Thank you for sharing the card and merry Xmas!

Babalon Jones

Thanks - and Merry XMas, Happy Solstice and a Cool Yule to you both too!!


Stunning work! Love the image of the drop. Very very nice.


Very, very nice interpretation of The Fool, and I love the style. Best of luck to you!!! :heart:



After staring at him for a while I felt the dizziness from vertigo. Absolutely amazing! Go on, go on, go on!!!


Wow, I really like the image for the fool. It really captures the feeling of what the fool is all about. I'm excited to see the other cards.

I took a look at the Rosetta Tarot too which I really liked too. There are so few thoth inspired decks, its good to see more of those.


Tarot M (the fool)

I love how you did the perspective of the angle of the The Fool's he is about to fall through unknowingly, before he begins his journey, interesting way of illustrating it. I will be sure to keep checking this thread to follow its creation, and to see the future cards for the deck-looks cool so far though-off to a good start! :D


I absolutely love this Fool. I sense you are about to be sucked into his portal, and we shall all reap the rewards of your journey to create what I imagine will be yet another stunning tarot deck. Best wishes along the way.