Taitin the Sylph (45)


Taitin the Sylph (45)

Following Yabbot's suggestion of a card a week I am posting my perceptions of this card. What has prompted me to do this is that I have received her as my daily card 2 days in row, so obviously she is trying to tell me something. This is the 3rd time I have drawn the card as card of the day since I started working with the Faeries in February. Following the questions in the book here are my perceptions of Taitin:

1. The emotional atmosphere of this card is radiant, almost electric.

2. The physical manisfestation of this card to me is somewhat like having an out-of-body experience ... observing things from outside oneself, but meticulously observing them. Visualization.

3. The mental characteristics of this card's symbols to me is of detatched yet keen observation, of being a guiding force from a neutral point. Meditation.

4. The spiritual characteristics of this card's symbols are charismatic and connectedness that tie into the emotional and mental characteristics. A charismatic guide of a sort.

5. What I find most appealing about this card is Taitin herself. She is so beautiful and radiant. She seems electric yet gentle.

6. I find nothing unnapealing about this card.

7. Other observations: the book describes this card as meaning "Acute intellect. Quickness. Mental Synthesis, Discernment." I find this card to be more etheral than that ... deeper. I have not yet put my finger on exactly what, but in addition to the acute intellect and mental synthesis which I do pick up there is more. Where I think I learned the most about this card was when I did the "odd pairing" exercise we have in another thread and she was paired with the Topsi Turvets ... looking down at them and observing. Perhaps she also has an element of lady luck sprinkling fairy dust on us on occassion. But somehow I think she is probably somehow connected with The Guardian at the Gate (3) ... I do not know why but I believe that is something Taitin wants me to explore.


I love Taitlin the sylph!
She cheers me up every time I see her. As a matter of fact, I'm sort of blue tonight, and she's cheering me up now! She personafies sparkling lightness...that floaty feeling you get when you're really happy! It's as if I can hear her tinkling laughter, and she tells me, "Lighten up! Feel free! Let your mind shed the burdens, you have worried yourself into a scowl, you don't need that!"


DarkElecteric, I agree with you. I find her very cheerful and encouraging as well. As if shedding some light to brighten things up. I had her as card of the day two consecutive days while I was finishing up reading up on the Fairy Ring Oracle and trying out some readings with it. She was with me the whole time fluttering about in excitement, whispering the possiblities. She is a very encouraging faery :) ... hope you are feeling better ~hugs~

Little Baron

Hi everyone

Jewel, I havn't read your post yet as I wanted to get my own thoughts and feelings from the faery beforehand.
I am sorry that I havn't posted yet. I will do. I have got some stuff on my mind at the moment and can't focus on it at the moment.

Love and best wishes to you all



I am feeling better! I recieved some healing energy from some dear friends on the forum, and it has worked! And I think the faeries heped too!

Little Baron

I am unsure about this card. I would like to think that she is bringing me a little light, some healing energy or the end to a problem, but there is something a little mischievous about her; something I don't completely trust at the moment. Is this something about me and my unwillingless to let people in at this moment of my life? Is she telling me that I should trust somebody that I don't right now? Is she telling me to be a little more lighthearted than I am right now and to relax into things and not worry? Is she sugesting I enjoy myself a little bit more and stop agonising over things that may never happen?

To me, this faery seems slightly trapped and and I wonder if she is telling me that it is only me that can make the first move to free myself from any worries? She offers me hope and light and it is up to me to take it.

I shall go and read everybody elses responses now.



Hi Yaboot ... please do not feel rushed to respond. I just wanted to help out to keep your suggestion of a card a week going :).

Perhaps what Taitin is trying to tell you is to relax and think through your current challenge vs. reacting to it (moving too swiftly mentally). Synthesize what you know for fact and that will shed some light on the situation for you. This could be way off base but it is what came to mind when reading your post.


Here's what I have down in my journal:

1. emotional: beauty, etheral, wise, extremely intelligent
2. physical: researching, excelling, succeeding through intelligent choices.
3. mental: clear, precise, mental energy is through the roof!
4. spiritual: highly attune to the spiritual world, helpful when you need her to guide you
5. appealing: she's beautiful, I love the lavender sparkles!
6. unappealing: nothing
7. She was hard to pinpoint at first cuz she moves at such high speed, but that because her mind and everything else is so quick!



Taitin the Sylph

I looked through the threads but couldn't see anything on this card, apologise if this discussion already exists.

The first time I met the Faeries Oracle, I asked a friend to bring theirs to College, I started to shuffle them and imediately Taitin fell out ;)

This is a reocurring theme, today after a few months away from the deck, I started to shuffle and Taitin fell out again.
Such a beautiful card, and I do have a bit of an affinity with pink!

Anyone else with this card as a friend?
Experiences and knowledge welcome, please :)



Taitin the Sylph

A very energetic faerie.
Came across her alot when my kids were little.
Constant motion and questions flying through the air.
I see Taitin's energy on the forum in the form of the new people who come on full of energetic questions.
Excited ideas. Generating much discussion.
I love that.

I'm not surprised she comes up for you TemperanceAngel, you have that kind of energy around you too.
You generate alot of questions and discussions on the forum.
And I bet in your life too.

When she's reversed she gives me a head ache or quarrels start over nothing.
Ever notice how somedays people everywhere you go are crabby and want to disagree over nothing?
That to me is Taitin energy rx.
Then you need to pull out the Oak Men for a little dose of grounding energy.
No hasty arguments with the Oak Men.
Just good old fashioned wisdom.