TANGA's TAROT is emerging.


Greetings folks.

I've finally bit-the-bullet on a format for having my own Tarot deck.

The idea's been on the back burner for about 5 years.
1st - I was going to paint it myself. Gave up on that idea by about card no.3. Lol.
Then - a friend offered to paint it for me. And after a year of waiting for him to produce the 1st draft, I gave up on that idea too.
More Lol.

Finally, some weeks ago, I went to listen to Gillian Avart describe how she had come about making her own photographic Tarot deck. (She's written a book btw 'Create Tarot Naturally').
She's suffering from MS - and loosing her eyesight. She found she couldn't see her cards anymore, so she decided to make her own with really big close-ups and strong contrast so she could see them again.

And so - as it's only this year that I acquired a smartphone with a pretty good camera on it - I thought "why not do the same?"
Should be quite easy to just wonder around with my mobile right?

So - I now have great anticipation for the year ahead, photographing my own Tarot deck. :)
It will have my friends and family in it.

I'm so excited.
I've done 14 photo's already. The easy ones I could do at home with just objects in them.

Photographing people starts on the week of October 24th.

WOOHOO! :royal:

**Looks like - I finally get to completely "live in" to the meaning of my name. ;)
(Tanga means "An Oracle").


Way to go you ! Will your family and friends be OK with going public ? Mine weren't !


Most are up for it.

I've found it quite interesting and surprising who says yes and who says no.
And intriguing what some people would like to see themselves as in the deck.
I'm photographing true to life and in-character - and say "dress in your Sunday best".
This appeals to people.
So I'll be having, belly dancers, Kung Fu artists, pagan priestesses, therapists etc.

WoW - it's added quite a spicey tone of anticipation to my life.