My daily card for today was Ta'Om (I get this faery sooo often). As I always do I was trying to find a deep message for myself (I've made the same mistake with Pfaff the Phooter). I took it to mean experiencing a bit of joy- particularly with my children.
When my daughter was having a nice warm bubbly bath, I decided to jump in with her. So I tryed to squeeze in amongst her and the bubbles, and all of her toys, and found myself physically stuck- I couldn't move LOL. I imagined the faeries having a fine old time laughing at me. It was only when I looked down I noticed I was stuck in the very position Ta'Om is in on his card. ROFL.
Guess it was just a sign that I can't take them -or myself too seriously.
Harrumph, glad to be fun faery fodder...


LOL butterfly..Thank you for sharing that!!


Just another incident of being "Grist for the Fae jokester mill," huh Butterfly!

Gee, and Ta'om always poppped up all dreamy like around me. Seems he has develloped a healthy appetite for physical humor as well. Tee hee!! :D


oh that is awesome Butterfly. Laughs. Glad to find Ta'om being playful. Sounds like your having as much fun as I am with your fae. Although, mine have been very quite as of late...looks around suspiciously like the fee lion.


I was looking through old threads and discovered this one, after reading Butterflys post I really had to laugh as I had an experience kinda like hers :)

On Sunday I went to a picnic at Hanging Rock for Beltane. Ta'om was my daily draw, and I thought about laughter but also that he looks like he is waiting for something, thinking or getting ready to pounce.

Coming back down from the rocks I went off the path to do a bit of rock scrambling down. A friend was calling out: "Don't go that way it's really hard!" Another friend said, "Let's do it!"

So we did and it was scary and funny all rolled into one....it got to a point where I said we'll have to go back. But we couldn't climb back up the rocks.

I had to lower my friend down by her arm in places and then try and lower myself down after her. It was very adrenalising, we had no idea where we were.

FINALLY we saw a path and just when we were about to get to it everyone we were with came around the corner saying, "There they are!" We pretended that the last it where we were walking from looked easy :D

I am sure in some of our manouveres we looked a lot like Ta'om ;)