Tarot and messing with Karma


Sounds like you already have the jist of it there. She needs to make her own decisions and stop relying on anything else, (you, tarot, the dog) to make her decisions for her. Perhaps working on what it is she fears about making a mistake or how to bolster her courage a little so that she can learn to use her intuition and go with that perhaps?


But what I am asking about is just out of curiosity and I know that of course everyone has a CHOICE in whatever decision they take in life.

Is it not their choice to ask a reader's advice? They could ask a friend. They choose to ask a reader. If they follow a friend's advice is it not the same thing? It's also their choice to follow advice as given... just a thought?



Possibly, her "lesson" is to [eventually] learn to take personal responsibility for her own decisions and to stop relying on the cards or others to guide her. But she's got to do it on her own time schedule, and that has nothing to do with your personal choice whether to read for her or not. If you think you are doing her a disservice by continuing to read for her every other day (or week, or whatever,) then you should politely decline to do so.

That said, I think that every reader comes across clients like that who hang on every word and can't seem to make a move without getting a reading. Each case is different, as is each "remedy," I think.


Coming back to this after some more thought, I realize that I aways give "pre-instructions" with readings I do for clients...and they include the caveat that tarot will never tell you what you should or shouldn't do, it will only give you the energies surrounding the current situation and what they may lead to if [the client] does nothing to alter things. And then I proceed to read the cards that way for them...which leads me to question you if you are somehow giving advice instead of simply reading the cards for your friend and others--with or without realizing it?

Just offered as something else to think about...


Thank you for all the answers, but all I was asking was that sometimes do we 'butt in' (without realising) between a person's choices or decisions and affect their karma through tarot or non-tarot? :D


Thank you for all the answers, but all I was asking was that sometimes do we 'butt in' (without realising) between a person's choices or decisions and affect their karma through tarot or non-tarot? :D

I don't think so - I think everyone is free to choose for themselves, and I have had clients go against the grain of what Tarot told them (often regretting it later ;p) I always tell them the Tarot is just a kind of a mall map, as it were, with a "you are here" sign being the reading, in a way. Wherever they go from there is up to them.

You could say (I think someone else touched on this here) is it any different from them asking your advice as a friend, and taking it? Do you refuse to give your friends any help or advice in case it hurts their karma...? Of course not...It is just advice, and they are free to take it or leave it. You have no influence on what they decide to do eventually. People often just like to hear several different opinions on their problems before weighing in themselves with their own decision. I cannot see that you are hurting anything or anyone here.

(About your friend, however - I think you need to help her stand on her own two feet...after all, conflict and difficulty happen to help us grow a backbone :) maybe just get her to consult the cards once every three months? That is what I tell people who ask too often...)

There - you have just asked a bunch of random people for advice, just as though you were doing a Tarot draw on it :) whatever you do with all of our opinions is now up to you :)



well once i did a tarot reading not knowing what the question was really about and the person was generally asking if his plan was going to work,, and his plan was to commit sucide. All i remember was that the plan would go well i told him.. that weekend he did it .
i went to the funeral even,, and it knocked me a loop for a while.

at the time I was only 20 , and tarot was still fluffy aka no one would ask these type of questions and i avoided looking deeper for example the death card only meant change though i don't recall if it was in the spread as it was so long ago.

karma when it comes to that we have to come to terms with it , and it may not mean the same thing to us all for example the question i saw asked was , what did we do to create our first bad karma when we are innocent as babies, (and the same goes for sin eh, as we have to come to terms ourselves if that is a possiblitity for us, or not).

for me though looking back at the situation i dont' feel no karma on it,, he had it premediated and wasn't fully truthful with me about it, and i wasnt' there to tell him "yes do it,, "
as for people who are trying to use us to decide if they should move or not if they are wishy washy about it.
i try my best to provide them with what the tarot says could be possible as i understand it and especially remind them that grass isnt' alwasy better on the other side of the fence, and the fanasty may not be as good as the reality should they make that choice.
i especially try to look for realistic situations they might encounter should they go through with their plans.
with that ,, i cut the chords and let them go out of my mind for my job as a tarot reader was over, i did the best i could as an oracle, and left them with their power to decide based on what they have before them.

it is my hope thoug that the tarot reading helped them look at the situation honestly with some praticality instead of how much better life would be if they moved so they would be the best prepared they can be to make such a decision.


I've been thinking about this concept and wonder when we read tarot for people, sometimes do we somehow come between their life journey and karmic issue?

What I mean is that usually when I read tarot for someone, they ask, "Ok should I do this? Or should I go ahead with that?" and these sort of questions. And when they follow the card's advice, they always come back and say that "Oh you were so right and that Thank God, I didn't take that move or else it would have ruined me" and such answers.

But what if they were meant to go ahead with that negative situation and learn it the hard way and I sort of saved them from going through the trouble. Then, am I messing with their karma? Am I saving them the trouble of learning it the negative way and 'butting in'?

How do we know when to or when not to cross that fine line? Does this make any sense because it's kind of bothering me.

There are a number of issues here. First I never personally do any questions with the world "should" in them. If someone asks such a question I personally tell them that Tarot is not a tool to make their decisions for them. But what we can do is ask the consequences of the different paths they could take and then they can choose the one they like best. But we need to make our own life decisions because the process of making those decisions contains valuable life lessons.

That is me anyway, but back to your question, no I do not believe that we as readers can do anything to change someone's karma. No matter what we do that is not possible in my belief. What is meant to be WILL be. Some things can be changed through the cards and some can't. Karma comes under the category of things that can't be changed, It is fated.

IF we ask a question and the querent knowing the asnwer would chagne their fate or karma then the cards simply will not answer. I have had that more than once when I just got from the cards they it was no in the best interest of the querent to know the answer right now adn that they would not answer. I got a card that told me that. Once it happened for a friend and when I told her she said another reader had aslo seen the exact same thing when she had asked the same question of her, that the cards would not tell her as she was not meant to know.

Otherwise, if the asnwer does change the querent or the future, that means either that there was no karma attached to that particular issue OR that the person was actually meant to change in that way and the reading was part of the tools that lead them to their karma.



Most of the people who come to me for a reading I do not know, they found to me. Was it Karma that lead them to this reading? It is their choice what the question is (to a certain degree, no yes/no questions), and I do tell them don't ask a question you do not want to hear the answer to. Only you can "mess" with your own Karma. If I were to lie to hurt someone than my karmic repay would be that I would be lied to and hurt in the future. Personally I do not feel that I the reader is "messing" with anyones Karma, the people who come to be read maybe messing with their own karma, that is a decision they make.

Karma has a clear and true meaning to me, I am a student of Buddhism. Karma is action, you do something and it will rebound back to you as Karmic effect.

Now if you are talking about changing the direction of someones life with a reading: to me that would be a different question, that is not karma. People come for information, they make their own decisions with the information provided by the reading. That is why all my readings are given with love and kindness knowing that the person in front of you is seeking answers to questions that are important to them. Only they can make changes in their lives.


If you were to hurt of lie to someone and your karma was to be hurt or lied to in return, then to me Tarot could be the instrument of that, In the sense that something that comes up in a reading could lead the querent to go somewhere or do something they would nto have otherwise done and in the process they would be lied to or hurt. But then that was their karma. And that would have been why they felt the need to ask that particular reader for a reading at that exact point in time, Because they were meant to go there.

That is how I see it.