Tarot and messing with Karma

Laughing Crow

Or, sometimes the tarot points out the lesson that the person needs to learn. A couple of years ago, I did a series of readings for a friend. The High Priestess came up in each and every one. I kept telling her that she needed to use and trust her intuition. When she finally started doing so, the High Priestess stopped coming up in her readings. So, lesson learned!


You say "Karma" like it's a bad word. You (don't take this personal - just spouting here) make it sound as though if your "Karmic Destiny" (for example) is to fall off a mountain and be crushed under a falling boulder - you have NO CHOICE but to accept this? That would say that our lives are pre-programmed and predestintined and if you were supposed to meet an evil end, it doesn't matter how good you were in life. Conversely, if you were destined to 'go to Heaven' it wouldn't make a difference how evil you lived your life. That does not make sense.

That is why we read tarot - to find out about our choices and accept that which we cannot change, but change the things we can (and hopefully learn the difference.) If we didn't, there would be no reason to read tarot. "Alice- you're going to go to heaven! Bob - you're going to go to hell!" What would they come to you for a reading about?

Remember - Karma Schmarma - we all have free will; without it there would be no reason to be alive.

Exactly. The way I see it, people think and dwell and hash over what to do and how to do it and when to do it all the time - tarot is just another way of thinking things over. And in the end, it comes down to personal decision.


Thank you for all the answers, but all I was asking was that sometimes do we 'butt in' (without realising) between a person's choices or decisions and affect their karma through tarot or non-tarot? :D

If something is "meant to be" I think the Universe would have no problem setting up that situation to happen, regardless of what we puny humans do. :D

It sounds like your friend would like to put all the responsibility of her choices on someone or something else...


If karma is someone's payback for what they give out, then surely another person CANNOT interfere with that, even if they want & try to - simply because they are NOT the person in question!

(Otherwise, everything we do or say would rebound on each others' karma in one massive tangle, & the concept of karma would lose all meaning. lol.)


I personally don't see karma as "reward or punishment," but as a natural force like gravity. It doesn't care if you are a good or bad person, your socioeconomic status, etc. - it is the same for all people - cause/effect, action/reaction - the natural law of causation. If you look at Nature, you will find it tries to rebalance itself when there is an imbalance; sometimes things happen quickly and sometimes things happen over hundreds of years. This is just my personal view of karma; I realize there are many other views.:)


Yes, I totally agree, BodhiSeed. When I said 'payback', I meant it by way of natural, moral consequence relating to the action / thought / energy, analogous to physical cause & effect. Obviously, attaching moral judgements & meanings to events & experiences is a human proclivity, which we use to create our cultural & personal world-views and ethical standards.
In my view, it is no more possible to affect someone else's karma by reading the tarot for them as by making them tea or helping them out with a chore. No matter where someone gets new ideas, advice & support from, it is still their choice how to behave in their own unique circumstances.