Tarot associations


Hi all this is an exercise I am doing at the moment and I thought some of
you might enjoy it too. Also it would be fun to see what other people come
up with.

The idea is to take each card of the major arcana and decide what sort of
situation best relates to the card.

For example:

The Tower - a business going bankrupt
The hanged man - being in prison
The devil - fighting alcoholism

I will post my more complete list when I have typed it up but I look
forward to seeing if anyone else has any ideas.




Great exercise! Whenever I teach tarot, that is exactly how I have my students start off before they ever start learning "traditional" meanings for the cards.

Why stop at the major arcana? It's a great exercise for the entire deck!


I am planning on doing the full deck in the end but just wanted to focus on the majors first. I guess it is so that people can do their own lists without feeling over whelmed and they will be short enough for everyone to post on here.



Glamourbug: Yes, this is a great idea! It will be interesting to see other thoughts & takes on the cards.
Are you looking for only one situation associated with each card or as many as we can think of?


I was thinking that everyone could complete a list of the majors with one suggestion for each card to see what situations they would use. That way we can see where people differ/agree and people can also associate with their individual decks.



cool exercise glamourbug.

Here are a few associations I can think of using my thoth deck.

The hermit- going to a meditation retreat to reflect on yourself, your life and the universe.

The lovers- having to decide between the tall dark business man or the ruggardly handsome ourdoorsy blonde (hehe ;)

The sun- going on a summer holiday to a beautiful tropical island with your favourite person, and forgetting about the rest of the world, while you relax and re-discover happiness again.

the moon- finding out that your significant other is actually a secret agent for an international intelligence agency, and the whole time you thought s/he was just a shopkeeper.

the high priestess- withdrawing from a business deal because you had dream that the person in question was a scam-artist, and kept getting "strange" feelings about the whole deal. A few months later you see the guy on television facing fraud charges.

the fool- Suddenly deciding to sell all your possesions and go on an extended backpacking trek through aisa on a whim.

the wheel of fortune- after getting fired from your job, you find a lottery ticket on the street, and it just happens to be the sole winning ticket of this week's 7 million jackpot.

the devil- going on a huge sending spree with the money you won from the lottery. Giving lavish parties for all your friends, and generally living like a hollywood celebrity.

the emperor- being the manager of a large project where you have to supervise every little thing everyone does and take care of every aspect, otherwise the whole thing will fall apart.

hmmm..... don't know if this was the sort of thing you were talking about glamour, but I had fun anyway :-D

I might update it when I get some more time.


Yeah thats exaclty what i had in mind. I like your idea for the moon card, made me giggle lol.



This looks like fun!
These are what I would see for me, someone else may get something completely different:
The High Priestess: Being a spiritual teacher of feminine wisdom/mysticism.
The Tower: Stock market crash! Businessmen jumping out of Wall Street windows.
The Star: The moment you look in the mirror and for the first time think, "I like what I see."
The Sun: A beautiful Summer Solstice day, playing nekkid in the garden and just absorbing light and warmth.
The World: Becoming a very in-demand travel writer, published wherever you want, traveling the world and doing my thing.
Thanks for the fun excercise!


The Fool ? emigrating to an extremely foreign country

The Magician ? using ritual/magick/mind power to attract a new job opportunity

The High Priestess ? knowing that your other half is having an affair even though you have no proof.

The Empress ? fostering children

The Emperor ? directing a play exactly how you want to and getting good results

The Hierophant ? Going to a support group

The Lovers ? deciding whether or not to get married, asking if this person is THE one

The Chariot ? A police chase with the police determined to catch the criminal

Strength ? Over coming a fear of flying

The Hermit ? going to a country retreat for a few days, getting away from it all to meditate and think things through

The Wheel of Fortune ? Inheriting a lot of money

Justice ? winning a custody battle

The Hanged Man ? being in prison learning to see things differently and turning your life around

Death ? quitting your job and ending your relationship in the same week

Temperance ? compromising about where you will be going on holiday

The Devil ? fighting alcoholism

The Tower ? a company going bankrupt all of a sudden

The Star ? Wishing on a star and having hope it will come true

The Moon ? feeling paranoid that everyone is talking about you to find they were planning a surprise party in your honour

The Sun ? A holiday in Barbados, relaxing and enjoying life

Judgement ? The moment after a row when you realise you said some stuff that really hurt the other person, having to go back and right your wrongs

The World ? getting the promotion you have been working so hard for.